Kubra Ozguvenc
Chemist &  Cosmoenergy Magister/Zoroaster

For over a decade I've searched for an answer to figure out the odds of coincidence between my thoughts and my life journey. When I found the connections between energy and physical worlds it carried me to a journey I would never have believed before. Here I share the knowledge with you of why spiritual things are not just spiritual and there is more than meets the eye . 


Private Cosmoenergy Session

When you intend to change something, eventually what you need will find you. Just before becoming a mother, I was searching for ways to become a better parent. And just on time I came into contact with cosmoenergy and Kubra. I could take distance sessions, which worked out perfectly as I was stuck at home because of my pregnancy. The beautiful changes that had occurred made me decide to give cosmoenergy training a try. I am truly grateful for this amazing chance in my life. Now I am able to balance my chakras, clean my aura and my false root beliefs any time and anywhere I need to.



I was following yoga classes and had read quite a few books on personal development. One day, I met Kubra and she talked about cosmoenergy and the sessions she was organising. I decided to give it a try as I had not been able to find a solution for my hyperventilation. After a few sessions I felt I was making progress until one session Kubra literally managed to free my body of this blockage. This made me even more curious to continue, as I gradually experienced a heightening of joy and positive experiences in my life. Not only the sessions but also the follow up has been very thorough. Hence I am truly grateful for this encounter! 


After I experienced a private session of cosmoenergy, my mind was blown away in different ways. The session had a very effective impact on a health condition I was suffering from. Since 5 months I had a skin infection with blisters and itching on my upper legs. I was coming out of two rounds of antibiotics plus other treatments. Nothing had really worked. The day after the cosmoenergy session my problem completely vanished. I was totally cured; no blisters and no itching anymore. I strongly believe Kubra’s healing technique has some striking and measurable effects. Moreover, she is also very knowledgeable on many levels. Strongly recommended to anybody seeking healing and/or deeper spiritual experiences.



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