Happiness Alchemist,
Coach & Healer

Reconnect your worthiness to set healthy boundaries.


Hi there,


I'm Kubra. Your Happiness Alchemist, Coach & Healer, and founder of the "Shift Your Reality" technique. 


I guide people to reconnect their worthiness to live a happy life with ease and joy.


You can also get certified as Cosmoenergy Practitioners, and you can start a transformation right away for yourself and your beloved ones.


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Are you ready to connect with your higher self and unleash your inner power?

1:1 packages help you to solve root causes so that you can build a reality you truly desire.

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Do you still seek what your life purpose is?

Are you confused about which direction to go in life?


Wouldnt it be great if you have a user manual for yourself?



Learn Cosmoenergy and start your journey as a certified practitioner.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


I came to this by chance not understanding what it was. Little by little, continuing to work with Kubra regularly I began to notice changes, great calm and balance settled in me, a new energy and positivity was there for me. At the beginning I thought they were momentary moods but all these remained in me and even today I continue my journey with Kubra.

Academician, Istanbul

When the therapists told me my daughter was anxious and it pass through the mother I first denied it. After facing with the situation I started searching a solution and thankfully I met Kubra! After SYR Coaching I am freed from my fears and anxiety. The most important thing is now I am happier and peaceful. I let the real me shine! Looking forward to learn this method soon.

Self-Love Coach, Squamish

Receiving energy healing from Kubra was a wonderful and transformative experience! She created safe space for me before the treatment, then during it, I felt a lot of energy movement in my body. The following days, my energy and self-confidence had enhanced, I felt unstoppable and back into my powerful center. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to heal, let go of fears and blockages and connect with it power. She is a gift!


Self-discovery Workbook

Download the Self-discovery workbook and do the given exercises. Life itself is a journey to self-discovery but a little support and more exercises make it more joyful and happier.

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Worksheet on Life Purpose

Everything and everyone has a life purpose and seeks for it for years. 

Astrology is a tool to understand the energies you came herewith. So if you need your user manual download the PDF, and learn more about what the stars tell you.

Release Anger & Fear

Shamanic tradition is one of the oldest ways to connect to mother earth and our nature. 


This meditation will help you release anger and fear so that you can connect to your higher self.


Watch my video and complete the 21 days meditation. Please share your experience with me!