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My Story & My Message

I am Kübra,

A spiritual guide, astrologer, and artist, dedicated to empowering loving humanbeings to embrace their true potential. As a scientist, I merge the realms of science and spirituality, offering transformative ways to effortlessly shift your reality with joy and ease.

My journey led me to establish the Be Boldly You Movement, a powerful platform that uplifts women to unapologetically embrace life, love, and business with unwavering courage.

During auspicious astrological periods, I tap into my innate gifts to deliver soulful messages from the higher realms. These messages serve to unify your energies, expand your consciousness, and establish a profound connection with your higher self, activating your limitless potential.

Embarking on this transformative journey is a celebration filled with boundless joy and love. Are you prepared to embark on this profound path? Allow me to guide you with utmost soulfulness.

With love and light,

Kübra The Soulful Alchemist




Does My Message Resonate with You?

Then here are some of my magic to support your Journey

Soul Map Reading

Embark on a transformative journey with Soul Map Reading, where the ancient wisdom of astrology becomes your compass, guiding you to navigate life and business with profound insight and alignment to your soul's purpose.

The Unison

(Soulful Rebirth)

Experience the extraordinary power of Soulful Transformation, a personalized 1:1 program meticulously designed to help you flourish beyond your traumas and embrace a life of profound growth and renewal.

Soul Painting

Unleash the transformative power of Soul Drawing, where art becomes a captivating therapy technique, releasing trauma-based emotional patterns and guiding you on a profound journey of healing and self-discovery.

Soulful Talks// The Shift Your Reality Podcast

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of  Soulful Talks, where The Shift Your Reality Podcast invites you on a transformative journey of thought-provoking conversations, empowering insights, and inspiring stories, destined to ignite the spark of change within your soul.

Cosmoenergy Healing

Transformation begins at the quantum level. That's why manifestation constitutes 80% of energy work. If you're interested in experiencing a profound healing technique, read more and secure your spot for a tremendous transformation.

Join Our Community to Boost Your Self-worth & Self-confidence

Elevate your self-worth and unleash unwavering self-confidence with our empowering array of content and tools, enabling you to embrace your true self boldly and authentically.

Here are some of the summits and panels I was invited to as a guest expert to spread the message.

Durin my coaching career I was guested on many podcasts and summits as an expert on reconnecting worthiness and creating a life at your highest potential

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Do you want a daily dose of emotional support? Check this out!

"Your emotions are your golden compass. They lead you to your highest potential." Kubra

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Be Boldly You Cards

Unleash your inner strength and elevate your daily self-empowerment with Be Boldly You Cards, the enchanting affirmation deck that ignites a powerful transformation within, guiding you to embrace your true potential with confidence and authenticity.

Despite not being a spiritual person, something remarkable happened at Kubra's art exhibition. Taking a #beboldlyyou affirmation card brought me to tears and shattered my feelings of inadequacy. It created a compassionate space for self-love, and now I use the cards some mornings to start my day positively.

Elif, Brussels


Live Events

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Want to learn more ways to work with me? Let's connect.

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