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Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Unapologetically You.


Welcome to "Be Boldly You", the ultimate deck of affirmation cards designed to empower and uplift you on your journey of self-discovery, self-worth, and self-confidence.


This carefully crafted set of 72 cards offers a transformative experience, guiding you through 7 main steps that will inspire positive change and personal growth.


Introducing "Be Boldly You" Affirmation Cards: Elevate Your Self-Worth and Confidence!

Step 1: Self-forgiveness

*Release the Weight of the Past and Embrace Healing*

Let go of the shackles of regret and guilt. "Be Boldly You" begins with self-forgiveness, allowing you to free yourself from past mistakes and missteps. Embrace the power of forgiveness, and open the door to a brighter future.

Step 2: Self-awareness

*Discover Your Authentic Self*

Unlock the true essence of who you are through self-awareness. These cards encourage introspection, helping you understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By knowing yourself deeply, you can make conscious decisions that align with your values and aspirations.

Step 3: Self-acceptance

*Embrace Your Uniqueness*

Celebrate every facet of your being with self-acceptance. "Be Boldly You" reminds you that you are worthy, just as you are. Embrace your imperfections and recognize the beauty in your uniqueness. Embracing self-acceptance paves the way for profound self-love.

Step 4: Self-compassion

*Kindness Begins Within*

Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you offer others. These cards will encourage you to be gentle with yourself during life's challenges, nurturing a sense of inner peace and resilience. Self-compassion is the foundation for personal growth and emotional well-being.

Step 5: Self-love

*Nurture Your Spirit*

Cultivate a profound love for yourself with "Be Boldly You." These cards emphasize the importance of self-care and self-nurturing. Embrace self-love and prioritize your well-being, both physically and emotionally. When you love yourself, you can flourish and radiate that love to the world.

Step 6: Self-worth

*Recognize Your Inherent Value*

Discover the inherent worthiness within you. "Be Boldly You" reaffirms that you are deserving of happiness, success, and love. Recognize your self-worth and let it empower you to seize new opportunities and face challenges with confidence.

Step 7: Be Boldly You

*Embrace Your Authenticity*

This final step encapsulates the essence of the "Be Boldly You" affirmation cards. Embrace your authentic self fearlessly and unapologetically. Follow your passions, stay true to your beliefs, and step into your unique identity. Be Boldly You and watch as your confidence soars to new heights.

Why "Be Boldly You" Affirmation Cards?

  • Inspire Daily Positivity: Start each day with a powerful affirmation to set a positive tone for your day.

  • Boost Self-Worth and Confidence: Empower yourself with uplifting messages that reinforce your sense of self-worth and confidence.

  • Promote Self-Discovery: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with each card you draw.

  • Thoughtfully Designed: Each card features captivating artwork and carefully crafted affirmations to resonate with your heart and mind.

  • Meaningful Gift: Share the gift of self-love and confidence with loved ones on special occasions.

Unlock your true potential, embrace your uniqueness, and live life authentically with "Be Boldly You" affirmation cards. Order your deck today and embark on a transformational journey toward a more confident and self-assured you!

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Unapologetically You.

What do they say about it?
Image by joshua yu
"Discovering the 'Be Boldly You' affirmation deck has been an absolute game-changer for me. Each card is like a little dose of positivity and self-empowerment, offering a daily boost to my self-worth and confidence. I've found myself embracing my authentic self fearlessly, and the transformative journey of self-discovery has been truly inspiring. These cards have become an essential part of my daily routine, and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone seeking to unlock their true potential and live life unapologetically."
Ecem, Istanbul
Despite not being spiritual, something remarkable happened at Kubra's art exhibition. Taking a #beboldlyyou affirmation card brought me to tears and shattered my feelings of inadequacy. It created a compassionate space for self-love, and now I use the cards some mornings to start my day positively.
Elif, Brussels

Empowerment Unleashed: 3 Dynamic Methods to Harness Your Affirmation Cards

1. Elevate Your Daily Rituals:Elevate your daily routine with a powerful up-leveling ritual. Take a moment to close your eyes, inhale deeply, and set a clear intention to transmute any feelings of unworthiness. With purpose, draw a card from your deck, and behold the transformative message it holds. Embrace the newfound power that accompanies you throughout your day.

2. Guidance at Your Fingertips: Seek guidance whenever you need it most. Shuffle your cards, close your eyes, and allow the universe to lead you to the perfect affirmation. Place the chosen card in visible spots around your home, workplace, or even in your handbag as a constant reminder of the positive energy you seek. The universe's wisdom shall accompany you wherever you go.

Memorial Candle

3. Meditative Empowerment: Immerse yourself in a meditative experience with your affirmation cards. Play soothing music, hold the deck close to your heart, and with a clear mind, select a card. Focus on the affirmation and envision the positive energy it embodies. Meditate deeply with this empowering affirmation, accompanied by the resonance of a profound shamanic drum recording.



Through these three dynamic methods, your affirmation cards become more than just cards – they evolve into gateways to self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace their wisdom, and unlock the boundless potential that lies within you.


The journey of self-empowerment awaits, fueled by the transformative energy of your affirmation cards.

Gift a pack of affirmation cards to a family member or friend to help them shine with positivity.

PS: You will find a surprise card in the deck without affirmation. If you pick that card, it means you shall write your affirmation at that time. Remember to share your affirmation with us. And tag our Instagram account @kubraozguvenc and use the #beboldlyyoumovement.
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