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Alchemize your energy and Awaken

your potential to become the most powerful, most MAGNETIC version of you 


“To become whom you want to be, you have to un-become who you no longer want to be”


A 9 week journey to walk back the path to wholeness and step into the fullest expression of  who you really are








In our time together, you'll:


→ get past Fear based survival emotions that keep you stuck 

→ silence the voice of your inner critic 

→ learn to listen to the voice of your inner wisdom aka your intuition  

→ awaken your sacred heart so that you can trust and surrender 

→ learn to create from the Quantum Field of all possibilities 

→ let go of lower vibration frequencies such as judgement, comparison and lack 

→ transform into your highest self 

→ remember who you really are


How would your life, your business, your wealth, your relationships change when you become who you’ve always meant to be?

When you can alchemize your Fear into Trust


When you can make the voice of your intuition louder than the voice of the critic of your mind


When you learn to co-create your desires with the Quantum field than trying to make stuff happen


When you can learn to truly trust and surrender in the Unknown

Who will you be in this world if you knew you're more powerful and unlimited than you think ?

How will you show up with your clients? With your family and friends?

What feelings and emotions will you feel when you are no longer shackled by the doubt, the fear and the unworthiness?

How will you walk, talk and behave when you fully trust your vision, your gifts and your intuition?


Who will you become when you finally become the most powerful version of yourself?

Hold on to that vision of your future self as you read ahead  (you are about to become HER very soon)

Bur first, who am I to teach you all this?

Oh yeah, I have spent more than 3 decades asking myself the same question.

My first spiritual awakening happened when I was 7 years old. But I spent 30+ years denying my spiritual gifts. The only thing that ruled my life was deep-seated emotions of unworthiness and lack.

I stopped paying attention to my inner Goddess long ago. I left her side, but she never left mine. She kept knocking on my door till I could no longer ignore her call.

When I finally opened the door and started walking the path back to my wholeness, back to HER, my eyes opened, the veil lifted and I could finally see.


See who I really was.









And gosh, all I want for you is to fully be yourself so that you can no longer let you (or anyone else) talk you out of possibilities.


This path that I wish to take you on wasn’t just given to me. I have lived it intensely. 


But what about my "qualifications"?


I am meant to do this work. I was created to do this work. I am more than qualified to do this work.


But I have been fortunate to learn some useful tools and practices in this lifetime to make this work powerfully potent for you. My journey had led me:


  • To have over 18 years of experience in Personal Growth and Learning & Development 

  • To become a Certified learning and development trainer in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Situational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

  • To formally train and become The Emotion Code® Practitioner 

  • To receive, formally train and practice in multiple energetic and quantum healing modalities such as EFT, Time Technique and Matrix Reimprinting 

  • To delve deep into the realms of Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience to understand the mind-body connection

  • To receive mentoring from high priestess and Mystery School teacher, Marin Bach-Antonson to formally become and take my vows as Priestess of Isis, the goddess of healing and magic.


But most importantly, my journey has allowed me to hone and master my intuitive abilities into my life & work, to co-create with the Quantum Field and to step into the highest expression of who I am.


And now I am ready and honored to be your guide on the most important journey you will take in this lifetime.


So if you’re ready, join me on the path of Spiritual Self Mastery to ignite your gifts and awaken your highest self…..


We start March 28th


Here’s how we’ll spend 9 weeks in the most powerful and potent container I’ve ever created.

I’ll guide you through 4 Initiations to fully awaken and transform into your highest self


To alchemize the survival emotions of our past (fear, unworthiness etc.) that keep us stuck in our Past-Present reality and transmute them into trust and creative power. 


Activating, Healing and balancing Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra (these hold on to the dense, fear based emotions)




To quieten our inner critic that creates doubt and mistrust & awaken our inner wisdom so that we can begin to ignite our intuition and reclaim our gifts.


Activating, healing and balancing Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra that awaken our inner power and will



This week you’ll integrate and put into practice all you’ve learned. 

You’ll also be given an Emptying Out Practice as we begin to enter the portal of Death and Rebirth 



To overcome the tendency to mis-create using life source energy (or manifest what you don’t want) and become a master at co-creating from the Quantum Field


We’ll begin to activate the Heart Center so that you can call in your desires that are truly in alignment with your higher self and not your ego.




To awaken your highest self and begin to fully merge into her. 


Activating, healing and balancing crown chakra and your heart center so that you can receive the truth of who you really are


Activating, healing and balancing your third eye so that you can see the truth who you really are


Activating, healing and balancing your throat chakra so you can speak the truth of who you really are.


We’ll also do some scared play with channeling and other multi dimensional work





  • We’ll meet LIVE each week for approximately 90 minutes

  • Each session, I will share with you new deep-diving lessons and workshop-style sessions designed to facilitate your own transformation, embodiment & mastery.

  • You’ll also receive an Energetic Activation or attunement (depending on which Initiation we are in)




  • At the end of every 2 weeks, we’ll get together (ol’ school women’s circle style) to share our experiences, integrate the lessons and get support from other members


This experience includes exercises, journal prompts, practices, tools and sacred rituals to assist you in your journey on going from an Initiate to becoming a Master. 




A Private Voxer Channel


Our Private Voxer Channel (for members only) will be there to not only create shared accountability but I’ll also be dropping in there to share powerful tips and tools to facilitate your continued growth and expansion 


Bonus Content + Tools


Throughout our time together, I’ll also be sharing potent meditations, tools, rituals and practices that will assist in your expansion along with recommended books for deeper dives.


- Using Emotion Code (guided demonstration)

- Using Matrix Reimprinting (guided demonstration)

- Journal Prompts to complement your integration and journey 

- Tools to access your sub-conscious mind (such as muscle testing)

- Sacred Rituals to open yourself up to more light and guidance from your inter-dimensional Spirit team 


And Much More 


There are 2 Options available to you for this sacred & powerful experience 


Option 1


This includes the guided 9 week container along with Weekly LIVES, Bi-Weekly Heart-to Heart Circle, Private Voxer Channel and access to Bonus Content + Tools



Pay In Full



2 Monthly Payments

$500 x 2


Option 2


Everything Above + Private Support


This includes 3 private 75-minute sessions with Deepshikha to book in as you desire throughout your experience to assist you in your transformation.

You can use these sessions to get a private Emotion Code Healing or a Matrix Reimprinting Session or/and you can use this time to get support and guidance in your journey. 

Every session will include intuitive downloads from Deepshikha



Pay In Full



2 Monthly Payments

$1000 x 2



All Live sessions will be held on Mondays from 12:00 to 1:30 pm ET (unless otherwise noted)


Recordings will be made available to those unable to attend live


March 28th + April 4th (Week 1 & 2)

April 11th + April 18th (Week 3 & 4)

Week of April 25th (NO LIVE - Integration Week)

May 2nd + May 9th (Week 6 & 7)

May 16th + May 23rd (Week 8 & 9)


Bi-Weekly Heart to Heart Circle   (Will be held on every other Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm ET (unless otherwise noted)


Recordings will be made available to those unable to attend live


April 8th

April 22nd

May 6th

May 20th


This isn’t another Business Growth Program designed to teach you strategies to make you a quick buck.

This is a sacred container (and my most potent work till now) to bring you in full alignment to embody the most powerful version of yourself. 


To become HER, you have to be ready to receive the energetic transmission of pure wholeness and light.


She chooses you and not vice versa. Do you feel her call to awaken and transform you?





✔ If you are already into spiritual work or are open to it

✔ If you already meditate or are willing to give it a try

✔ If self discovery and un-becoming & shedding what doesn’t serve you is important to you

✔ If you crave community and sisterhood 

✔ If you can’t explain it but this work deeply calls to you 

✔ If to change your outer reality you are willing to get uncomfortable, go deep and stay on the path




❌ If you aren’t “woo woo” or you poo poo spiritual work and practices

❌ If you can’t or won’t meditate

❌ If you want to stay being a victim of your past, of your environment and your conditions

❌ If the *only* reason you feel called to do self discovery work is so that you can learn to manifest more, more and more (money & success is a part of this work but it goes so much deeper)

❌ If you have deep emotional and mental trauma (I am not a trauma informed coach and I highly recommend you work with a therapist first)

❌If you aren’t willing to do the work or get uncomfortable

❌ If you are not comfortable doing the work in a group setting (my 1:1 container might be a better fit for you)

A note on Manifestation:


This is not a manifestation course/program. 


I firmly believe that we deserve to live in abundance and money, success, fame, and opportunities need to be part of our human experience on Earth.


It is also my belief that to create our outer reality, we first have to match our inner state of being with our vision.


When we experience lack and separation on the inside, the money and success is always fleeting.


When we experience wholeness, oneness and worthiness from the inside, we co-create money, success and opportunities with ease and effortlessness.


When you transform from within, your outer world always catches up!


And while the focus of this program does not focus on manifestation (alone), the truth is, learning how to co-create with the Quantum Field of all possibilities as your Highest Self is a side effect of merging with HER.





Kubra Ozguvenc © 2022

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