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Image by Emily Underworld

Hello Beautiful!


My name is Kubra. I am a spiritual teacher, speaker, and astrologer who is on a mission to inspire & encourage people to live a life up to their potential. I am also a scientist and share my ways of combining science and spirituality to shift one's reality with ease & joy.


I have started the Be Boldly You Movement to support more people so they can show up unapologetically and boldly in life, love, and business.


Because, sometimes no matter how hard we work, circumstances don't make it real. Or we think so...


In fact, our lives are a reflection of our inner energy. This is us who create the most significant parts of our lives.


So understanding our inner energy and transmuting it will bring what we want.


🌹 Astrology is the language of energies.


🌹 Our birth charts are our user manual.


🌹 Instead of fighting with our default settings, understanding why we have those settings will bring more clarity and ease to move forward to our best potential.



Do you know your Venus sign and where it settles in your chart? Subscribe the masterclass to figure it out.

Much Love & Gratitude


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