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Hey Gorgeous,


Thank you for choosing the #BeBoldlyYou Cards to receive support in your journey.


How to create even more magic by using your cards?


Well, it's easy. Whenever you need more; 


  • Support 

  • Self-compassion

  • Courage




If you need to reconnect with your self-worth, your deck is here to do some magic for you. 


You have a deck with 71 cards. One with a message on and 70 others that focus on 7 main pillars of #beboldlyyoumovement.


Each card has 2 sides, the 1st side is with the affirmation, and the second side is with a quote from an expert. 

These 7 pillars that shape the cards, as well as the movement, are:

  1. Self-forgiveness

  2. Self-notice

  3. Self-acceptance

  4. Self-compassion

  5. Self-love

  6. Self-worth

  7. Be Boldly You


1- Create an up-leveling ritual for your daily routine:

  • Close your eyes for a second,

  • Inhale,

  • Set an intention:

​"I accept to receive the best message to transmute my unworthiness wound." 

  • Pick a card


And here it is. You're ready to discover a new level of your power.

Memorial Candle

2- Receive Guidance Anytime You Need

  • Shuffle your pack, close your eyes and pick out a card to reveal the affirmation the universe has chosen for you

  • Pick a card that relates to your wishes in life and place them in prominent places around your house, workplace or even in your handbag as a reminder of a positive affirmation you seek in life

3- Meditate with Your Cards

  • Play the music below

  • Hold your deck in front of your heart

  • Pick a card

  • Focus on the affirmation and imagine that you

  • Meditate with that focus & given shamanic drum recording

Gift a pack of affirmation cards to a family member or friend to help them shine with positivity

PS: You will find a surprise card in the deck without affirmation. If you pick that card, it means you shall write your affirmation at that time. Remember to share your affirmation with us. And tag our Instagram account @cosmomana and use the #beboldlyyoumovement.
For deeper work on your worthiness & self-confidence join my 5 days challenge for free. 
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