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The Sunday Reset

20th November

An experiential day blending art, yoga, mindfulness, and shamanic practices to help you dive into your inner self, access your powers and resources and become aware of your creative potential.

A journey into self-healing through Prana Kriya yoga, shamanic drums, meditation, emotional release, and art therapy practices.


A collaboration between YogaYucca London, Cosmic Rising Tribe and Espace 44

Book your spot before 10/11/2022 to benefit from the 20% off early bird price!
Marina is an artist and coach, Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she has experienced the benefits of art therapy directly on herself, managing to considerably improve the neuropathy that affected her after a serious accident. In her work as a coach she successfully combines NLP and art therapy techniques.
Kübra is a spiritual guide, speaker, and astrologer who is on a mission to inspire & encourage women to live a life up to their potential. She is also a scientist and shares her ways of combining science and spirituality to shift one's reality with ease & joy. She has started the Be Boldly You Movement to support more women so they can show up unapologetically and boldly in life, love, and business.
Carlo, a London-based yoga teacher, is giving special yoga and meditation classes
Location: Espace44, Rue des Confédérés 44, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
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