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Soul Painting

A Sacred Journey of Artistic Expression and Spiritual Healing

Kubra Ozguvenc

Are you ready to embark on a profound healing experience transcending time and space? Welcome to the realm of soul painting, where your wounds, emotional patterns, and traumas find their voice and are transmuted into vibrant works of art.

At the Sacred Canvas, we believe art is more than just colors on a canvas. It is a sacred tool for healing and self-discovery. Through the transformative power of Soul Painting, we offer you a unique opportunity to connect with your emotions, release the burdens of the past, and ignite the light within.

How does soul painting work?

The journey begins by delving deep into the depths of your being. Before receiving your personalized soul painting, you will have the opportunity to explore the hidden realms of your soul through an astrology session. This session will shed light on the cosmic influences and energies that shape your life, allowing us to dive into the core areas you'd like to heal.

Once the foundation is set, the soul painting process unfolds. Layer by layer, brushstroke by brushstroke, your emotions and experiences are expressed onto the canvas. This process is a sacred alchemy, a dance between your soul and the artist, me, where your wounds are acknowledged, honored, and transformed.


The first layer of the painting serves as a direct connection to the emotion itself, enabling you to explore and understand it without reliving the trauma. This approach creates a safe space for your nervous system to relax and find solace in the healing process. As the layers build, your painting becomes a visual representation of your journey, a testament to your resilience and growth.

But the journey doesn't end with the completed artwork. After your soul painting is finished, you will receive a personalized 1:1 coaching session with me. In this session, you will learn how to deepen your healing journey using the painting as a catalyst. Our aim is to empower you with tools, insights, and practices to continue your transformation long after the brushstrokes have dried.

**Embark on a Sacred Artistic Odyssey**


At Soul Painting, we honor the sacred connection between art and spirituality. I serve as conduits, allowing your unique essence to flow onto the canvas with each masterful brushstroke. As the colors blend and dance in harmony, your personal oil painting becomes a mirror of your soul, unveiling hidden truths, and igniting the healing flame within.


**Unveiling the Celestial Tapestry of Your Soul**


Before the enchantment of brush to canvas begins, as an astrologer, weave a celestial tapestry, reading the language of the stars and decoding the mysteries of your birth chart. Through this profound exploration of your cosmic blueprint, we gain deep insights into your spiritual path and essence. Aligning our artistic expression with the celestial energies, your Soul Painting becomes a divine reflection of your innermost being.


**Guiding Your Spiritual Evolution**


Once your masterpiece is complete, our compassionate coaches step in, guiding you on a sacred odyssey of self-discovery and transformation. With wisdom drawn from ancient practices and intuitive insights, they help you bridge the realms of art and spirituality, integrating the profound healing energy of your Soul Painting into your everyday existence. Together, you embark on a journey of inner alchemy, transcending past limitations, and embracing your authentic self.

Why Soul Painting?

1- Soulful Artistic Expression: Our Soul Paintings transcend conventional art, capturing the essence of your soul in vibrant hues. Each stroke is an invocation, a sacred dance between the artist's hand and your innermost being, creating a masterpiece that speaks directly to your heart.

2- Celestial Harmony: Through the cosmic wisdom of astrology, we infuse your painting with the harmonious energies of the universe. Your Soul Painting becomes a celestial symphony, resonating with your unique spiritual journey and guiding you towards alignment and wholeness.

3- Transformational Alchemy: As an intuitive coach, I provide a compassionate guidance and transformative tools to help you unlock the healing potential with your Soul Painting. They empower you to break free from old patterns, awaken your innate gifts, and manifest your true purpose.

Kubra Ozguvenc painting

4- Artistry with Depth: As an astrologer, artist and intuitive coach, I offer you Soul Painting, by an unparalleled depth of expertise and devotion to the sacred arts. Your journey is held in reverence and nurtured with profound care and understanding.

Embark on Your Sacred Journey

Are you ready to unleash the power of Soul Painting and embark on a sacred odyssey of artistic expression and spiritual healing? Immerse yourself in the transformative beauty that awaits you. Connect with us today and open the gateway to your soul's deepest desires.

What You Will Receive?

An astrology session

Your Customized Oil Painting

1:1 Coaching Session with me (90 minutes)

Ezel Photo_edited.jpg

Ezel, Germany

"I felt it... there was an ending that I didn't want to witness for days... and then I realized it was a new beginning. My focus rested upon the place where I felt validated, and it was truly incredible. After connecting to the painting I understood it's not the love we've lost but the love that lost its way, and perhaps, in finding it, we rediscover the love that we truly need.


Now that I am not in the past, not in the future, but in the present. It's as if I've created a sacred space, an altar of sorts, where I unconsciously talk with the painting in the deepest parts of my mind and it keeps me alive and excited to see what is next. 🤗🥰"

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