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Living and non-living beings we are all connected. We supposed to live in an harmonious way all together. But because of some reasons (blockages of current life, karma, communal pressure etc.) we loose the balance in mind-body-spirit. This is the point we cut off the line. Because we all were born to achieve a life purpose. It is a state of awareness, actually it is pure love. Once you loose the connection with your higher self you cannot hear your own inner voice. Hearing it important to navigate yourselves through your life purpose. So what would happen if you loose signal in the car? Yes exactly same thing happens in life. Universe has a duty to guide you on your path. If you go through wrong direction it starts giving you brief speeches. In the beginning it is short and harmless. But the more you resist to read his messages he potentiate his way to tell, which is mostly not in a way you like. (Here you can understand why you are experiencing the unwanted parts of your life) Just like the nations have their own languages, the universe has a different way to talk to each of us. It is as unique as we are. So just by becoming aware of the way it is talking to you and decrypting the language you can create a new reality for yourself. If you would like to learn how SHIFT YOUR REALITY can help BOOK a 20 mins free call with me.


For the biggest companies or smaller seeing what they did in the past year and determining the goals for the next year one of the most important step. Even though you are not ruling a company it is quite important know what you achieved, what you skipped last year and what you really want to change in your life next year? Once you know your intentions you will know what to do! Download your free 2020 planner here! After you finish planning it is time to resonate with your 2020 plans. But how? Basically the importance of planning comes from resonation equalisation. You have an energy level like your wishes do. Each time you think about it, feel like it already happened or set an intention your resonation enhances and when your and your intention's resonation is close enough it becomes real. So in this 21 day study we will be constantly increasing our energy for a peaceful and easy start. Lets see the steps: It is important to download your free planner and make your review of 2019 first, after you will see the part planning 2020. Basic is the best! So you will find a planner not a complicated one! You will find necessary direction on the planner but here are some quick tips: Print your planner, Find a calm environment, Pour yourself a hot beverage, Relax with a nice music, If you like you can do a breathing exercise. It is important to be relaxed. When you are relaxed you boost your alpha brain waves and it increases creativity. Well done, now it is time for transformation: To change your energy it is great to meditate deeply. For that reason we will be using rhythmic sounds. We created a special recording for that. All you need to do is meditating daily along the video. Click here for it. Here is the meditation routine; Meditate the same time (of course there can be exceptions but as much as possible be at your meditating spot at the same time of the day.) Choose a meditation spot for yourself. We are creating a habit, a ritual so feel free to use objects, insence, sage, candles etc. Use your creativity. Take a glass of water (a big glass would be better) Sit on a comfortable position to the ground or on a chair... Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth (1 time) Inhale and exhale through your nose (3 times) Remember your list, your goals for 2020. Imagine that they've already became real! Different type of thoughts might appear in your mind don't try to get rid of them, give yourself time to digest thoughts when you remember about your list, go back to feeling your new reality. When it finishes say these magical words: “I am sorry, Forgive me, Thank you, I love you" Be grateful for your new reality. Drink your water. And that's it! Remember, it is important to do this work continuously 21 days. Any time you read this article you can start planning and meditating even though you read it in the middle of the year. If you'd like to keep posted more useful content subscribe here! If you like this article you might enjoy that one. Turkce Planner icin burayi tiklayin. Seans sirasinda bunu dileyin. Happy new year and always put on a big smile. Kubra


Before the training you need to take energy cleaning and balancing sessions to prepare your energy for the initiations. WHAT IS COSMOENERGY HEALING?
Cosmoenergy Healing is a holistic method that comes from Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Tibet, India, South and North America. This method was brought in to the modern days by Dr. Vladimir A. Petrov (1958-2007) in 1983. This method takes a person as a whole with his all substances; mind-body-spirit. And says healing has to happen on this triangle. If you don’t heal all parts (mind-body-spirit) then it could be a temporary solution. Because every definable thing is a matter, every matter is another form of energy. In the energetic level they communicate with vibration. Cosmoenergy Healing is a method that accepted by WHO (World Health Organisation) as a secondary method. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS PROGRAM?
After this program you will become a Cosmoenergy Healing Practitioner. It means you can do Cosmoenergy Healing by yourself, anywhere and anytime, you can give sessions to yourself and to the others. You can balance and cleanse your chakras, aura, body. You can give sessions to yourself, loved ones and others. WHO CAN LEARN COSMOENERGY HEALING?
Anyone who would like to use this energy can join this program. All information you need will be given during the program. But please remember you need to feel this is the right thing for you! WHAT IS RADIESTHESIA (DOWSING ROD)?
Cosmoenergy Healing works on mind-body-spirit triangle. There are 42 different channels to work on a counselee. But how you will choose which channels you need to use? There are 2 obstacles that a Cosmoenergy Healing practitioner could use for that. 1-Aura Reading with Radiesthesia
Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information.
2- Instincts
A Healer would know what to do during a session. Because the more you practice and cleanse yourself the more you strength your connection with the divine and subconscious. They will guide you during a session. AGENDA
*3 Individual Healing Sessions (before the event day)
* Initiation to 4 channels: These for channels can be used in general healing process.
* Information about energetic body
* Information about channels
* Radiesthesia & Aura Reading Technique * Balancing energies of
* Dowsing Rods to take with you
* Practice (you will apply and receive a Cosmoenergy Healing session from your Cosmoenergy Healing partner in training.) PS: As it is mentioned above there are 42 channels in first level of Cosmoenergy Healing. But a practitioner has to take first 4 channels for becoming a Cosmoenergy healer. The rest 38 channels depends on practitioner. They can take some of them, any of them or all of them and can become a Cosmoenergy Master/Magister/Zoroaster. Cosmoenergy Magister can teach the others and give trainings. Heal Yourself Heal the Earth

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmoenergy

How Do I Have Cosmoenergy Sessions? You can take the sessions either face to face or remotely. After fixing an appointment you will be told each steps you need to take clearly. It takes 30-40 minutes. The usual session frequency is from 3 to 15 sessions per each treatment. First couple of weeks 2-3 sessions per week and after once per week. Why I Should Learn Cosmoenergy? Everyone is here to experience something. But the main reason is during this life time we have to transform our energy and our awareness. It can be with ease and joy or with the hard way. Luckily life doesn't trying to punish us or make things harder. But as you know linguistics, astrology, chemistry, engineering they all have their own language just as life has. So if you'd like to learn the language of life Cosmoenergy is the greatest method for you. Who Can Learn Cosmoenergy? This amazing method is welcoming everyone who thinks "I think it is good for me." When you are ready all you need to do is to contact us. How Does Cosmoenergy Works? It works with the channels through the Cosmoenergy Practitioner. When you have a blockage in your aura it creates changes in your physical or emotional body. Let me give you an example; Everything is energy, in different forms. Every organ in the body connected to some emotions. So there is an energy flow from How Long Does It Take To Heal A Problem (Physical or Other) With Cosmoenergy? Eventhough you are focusing one problem Cosmoenergy focus on healing entire body. Would Cosmoenergy Help Me To Find My Life Purpose? You lost your life purpose or never be aware of it because you don't hear your inner voice. The best way to hear it is about if you are able to connect to yourself again, like you were a child. With cosmoenergy sessions you will receive a deep cleaning on mind-body-spirit triangle, which is the most effective way of re-connection to yourself. What Kind Of Changes Does Cosmoenergy Can Create In Your Life? Cosmoenergy help you to balance your energies. Once you balance and enhance your energy; You start attracting good things into your life, Emotional balance occurs, It changes your awareness level, It will help you to be at the right place on time. Our health problems are e-mails from our energetic body. Once we be aware of it and work on ourself we will be cleaning the energetic root causes so less physical problem more comfort. Your relationship with yourself, your partner and others getting better, You can solve phobias or fear of an animal etc. You can develop self-confidance, Your creativity enhances. Cosmoenergy sessions activate your inner potential What Do I Need To Know to Take The Training? Everything you need to know will be taught during the training. So you are welcome to join without knowing anything. Including documents and video lessons. When I Can Start Giving Cosmoenergy Sessions To Myself And To The Others? After the training you can start giving sessions to yourself and to your family. Giving sessions to the other is recommended after you work on yourself enough to create a strong aura. We will be happy to answer if you have further questions about Cosmoenergy. Please Contact Us. If you need more information you can also read this article.


Cosmoenergy is a powerful healing method. It's philosophy says; healing should be on mind-body-spirit level. If you heal only one phase then it is not a complete healing. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." (Quoted from Cosmoenergy is an ancient healing system which has recently started to known in the modern society. Cosmoenergy and it’s knowledge was told to public first in 1983, in Russia, by Dr Vladimir A. Petrov (1958-2007), who studied the cosmoenergy “channels” and taught the method to several of his students. And the journey has been started by help of one of Petrov’s first students Dr. Emil Bagirov, who formed the International Classic Cosmic Energy (Cosmoenergy)Federation (ICCF) in 2009. Cosmoenergy works on a client through it's channels. All channels has a specific frequency to solve spesific problems and during the session channels do the work. The cosmoenergy practitioner is the mediator between the client and cosmoenergy channels. Channels have consciousness so they work on the client in the best way. Above all cosmoenergy was known by Tibetan shaman monks for 800 years. Vladimir A. Petrov as a doctor figure out cosmoenergy while he was searching for an alternative way to cure his uncureable patients. He tried several methods until finding cosmoenergy. "Numerous experiments showed the influence of cosmoenergetics on bacteria and viruses which could have practical application of entirely new technologies for treating contagious diseases, to stop epidemics, in farming etc. Some ten years ago there were epidemics of cholera which were stopped with the help of Cosmoenergetics." (Quoted from an interview of Vladimir Petrov, ) Cosmoenergy Gives You the Chance to Work on Subjects Like; . Enlarging, cleaning and healing the aura, Balancing chakras, Removal of negative energies, curses, spell, black magic, Emotional problems like; Managing anger, jealousy, grief, guilt, Finding your life purpose, Strengthening immune system, Sleeping problems, Addictions, Weight imbalances, Cleaning DNA, Karmic problems, Reducing stress, Cell renewal, Energetic reasons of physical health problems, Childhood traumas, All type of physical problems. But beyond all those reasons, if you believe you have a life purpose, if you need eace and peace in your life or being in the moment, cosmoenergy is a great method for you. For further information contact us.

Getting Ready for 2020?

2019 has been a hard year for some of us. But why? Why some of us are so lucky to get what we want but some not? Basically we are on a path and we all are trying to reach a certain point. Some call it as life purpose. While getting there we are passing some tests, also we fail from time to time. Whatever the results are one sparking thing is looking in to our eyes! "Understand & learn what I am telling you!" Yes life has a simple message. "Understand & learn what I am telling you!" And it talks from the other people's and situations mouth. Everything that creates an emotion in you is another life lesson. What you suppose to do is as simple as the message; "What I suppose to learn from this experience." Yes, you've read right. Just asking the question and staying at that level without seeking for an answer is the solution. Because eventhough you are a genius your mind is limited when we compare with lives infinite possibilities. So just tell it you are willing to understand it and then enjoy life! What can we do to hasten the understanding process? I know that it is hard to stop your mind when you ask a question. Like you say don't think about pink elephant you are going to think about it! So please find a few tips below how to hold yourself back from seeking answers and more; but also a better life in the new year! Tips: First of all it might be a long journey I need your commitment until you reach at our point. So first you need to trust flow, universe, god. Name it. Trust is the reason for a kid to having fun being thrown in the air. To let the joy in, in the next year it is time to solve your trust issues. Well it will take time but I assure you, you will get it! Here’s how to do it: The first step of the solution for any kind of problem is seeing and accepting it. Be open, be honest to yourself and say this affirmation: "I open myself to the infinite-great possibilities of the universe." Stick with your key question "What I suppose to learn from this experience." You might have negative thoughts but it is ok, make yourself to think the opposite, positive things. In a while you will see the way you are thinking will transform into a positive way. Make a plan for new year, what would you like to change, achieve. The importance is being specific and giving a time to make it real. Meditate. This is no secret meditating has lots of benefits for you both scientifically and spiritually. So keep meditating on a regular base. As this is my first post I want to gift you a great meditating routine to reduce your brain waves faster so the meditation will be more effective. How to meditate?: I will write another post about how to meditate but here I will give a quick explanation. Try to meditate the same time (if possible) It is good to use candle and sage to create an ambiance Let your mind do think or not to think as it wishes. During the meditation listen to the link below for a deeper meditation and healing. Let the rest of the year be your planting season. Eat clean, drink clean, think clean. Let the real you shine in 2020. PS: Please share this post to support me and others if you find the article beneficial. Best Kubra