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The Hidden Truth About Love

When you think of February, the first thing that comes into your mind is most probably Valentine's day.

Many people have concerns about what to gift their partners or how to get over being single on that day.

Well, let's create a different perspective this year;

Love is a language, and everybody has their way of expressing love. Yet there is an unspoken fact about love.

Ready to hear it?

I have raised in a culture that loving others is accepted as more important than loving yourself. And I think I was incredibly good at this. Giving and caring more and more... Yet, there is that fact that "you can not give what you don't have."

We learn "how to express our love" from others when we are kids; yet, loving and expressing are totally different subjects. So, in a way, we learn how to show our love, but if you grew up in a culture similar to mine, self-love had not been taught to you as well. I was taught that loving yourself is being selfish. But all the experiences and teachings I got through in years prooves the opposite.

We need to learn how to love ourselves first. Then we can love others. I had many clients saying, "I don't love myself, but I would do anything for my family, kids, etc., because I love them so much."

The hidden truth behind this is; you are an incredible person, selfless and supportive. You carry lots of love in your heart, but it's locked in a box. Unless you open the box, you are just imitating how to love.

Because without loving yourself you don't have anything to generate. Also you don't have programs to recognise love when you receive it. This is why I know plenty of people starving for love even though there are dozens or millions of people around them with admiration or love!

So, this month I will sharing about how to open that little-big box within you to feel and generate more love for yourself and for others.

But let me ask you first, do you love yourself or just imitate?

I am waiting to hear about your story and opinion in the comments.

May the LoVe be with you,



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