Living and non-living beings we are all connected. We supposed to live in an harmonious way all together. But because of some reasons (blockages of current life, karma, communal pressure etc.) we loose the balance in mind-body-spirit. This is the point we cut off the line. Because we all were born to achieve a life purpose. It is a state of awareness, actually it is pure love.

Once you loose the connection with your higher self you cannot hear your own inner voice. Hearing it important to navigate yourselves through your life purpose. So what would happen if you loose signal in the car? Yes exactly same thing happens in life. Universe has a duty to guide you on your path. If you go through wrong direction it starts giving you brief speeches. In the beginning it is short and harmless. But the more you resist to read his messages he potentiate his way to tell, which is mostly not in a way you like. (Here you can understand why you are experiencing the unwanted parts of your life)

Just like the nations have their own languages, the universe has a different way to talk to each of us. It is as unique as we are. So just by becoming aware of the way it is talking to you and decrypting the language you can create a new reality for yourself.

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