Updated: Dec 31, 2019

For the biggest companies or smaller seeing what they did in the past year and determining the goals for the next year one of the most important step. Even though you are not ruling a company it is quite important know what you achieved, what you skipped last year and what you really want to change in your life next year? Once you know your intentions you will know what to do!

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After you finish planning it is time to resonate with your 2020 plans. But how? Basically the importance of planning comes from resonation equalisation. You have an energy level like your wishes do. Each time you think about it, feel like it already happened or set an intention your resonation enhances and when your and your intention's resonation is close enough it becomes real. So in this 21 day study we will be constantly increasing our energy for a peaceful and easy start. Lets see the steps:

It is important to download your free planner and make your review of 2019 first, after you will see the part planning 2020. Basic is the best! So you will find a planner not a complicated one! You will find necessary direction on the planner but here are some quick tips:

  • Print your planner,

  • Find a calm environment,

  • Pour yourself a hot beverage,

  • Relax with a nice music,

If you like you can do a breathing exercise. It is important to be relaxed. When you are relaxed you boost your alpha brain waves and it increases creativity.

Well done, now it is time for transformation:

To change your energy it is great to meditate deeply. For that reason we will be using rhythmic sounds. We created a special recording for that. All you need to do is meditating daily along the video. Click here for it. Here is the meditation routine;

  • Meditate the same time (of course there can be exceptions but as much as possible be at your meditating spot at the same time of the day.)

  • Choose a meditation spot for yourself.

  • We are creating a habit, a ritual so feel free to use objects, insence, sage, candles etc. Use your creativity.

  • Take a glass of water (a big glass would be better)

  • Sit on a comfortable position to the ground or on a chair...

  • Close your eyes.

  • Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth (1 time)

  • Inhale and exhale through your nose (3 times)

  • Remember your list, your goals for 2020.

  • Imagine that they've already became real!

  • Different type of thoughts might appear in your mind don't try to get rid of them, give yourself time to digest thoughts when you remember about your list, go back to feeling your new reality.

  • When it finishes say these magical words:

“I am sorry,

Forgive me,

Thank you,

I love you"

  • Be grateful for your new reality.

  • Drink your water.

And that's it! Remember, it is important to do this work continuously 21 days.

Any time you read this article you can start planning and meditating even though you read it in the middle of the year.

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Happy new year and always put on a big smile.