Getting Ready for 2020?

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

2019 has been a hard year for some of us. But why? Why some of us are so lucky to get what we want but some not?

Basically we are on a path and we all are trying to reach a certain point. Some call it as life purpose. While getting there we are passing some tests, also we fail from time to time. Whatever the results are one sparking thing is looking in to our eyes! "Understand & learn what I am telling you!"

Yes life has a simple message. "Understand & learn what I am telling you!" And it talks from the other people's and situations mouth. Everything that creates an emotion in you is another life lesson. What you suppose to do is as simple as the message; "What I suppose to learn from this experience." Yes, you've read right. Just asking the question and staying at that level without seeking for an answer is the solution. Because eventhough you are a genius your mind is limited when we compare with lives infinite possibilities. So just tell it you are willing to understand it and then enjoy life!

What can we do to hasten the understanding process?

I know that it is hard to stop your mind when you ask a question. Like you say don't think about pink elephant you are going to think about it! So please find a few tips below how to hold yourself back from seeking answers and more; but also a better life in the new year!


First of all it might be a long journey I need your commitment until you reach at our point. So first you need to trust flow, universe, god. Name it. Trust is the reason for a kid to having fun being thrown in the air. To let the joy in, in the next year it is time to solve your trust issues. Well it will take time but I assure you, you will get it!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. The first step of the solution for any kind of problem is seeing and accepting it. Be open, be honest to yourself and say this affirmation: "I open myself to the infinite-great possibilities of the universe."

  2. Stick with your key question "What I suppose to learn from this experience."

  3. You might have negative thoughts but it is ok, make yourself to think the opposite, positive things. In a while you will see the way you are thinking will transform into a positive way.

  4. Make a plan for new year, what would you like to change, achieve. The importance is being specific and giving a time to make it real.

  5. Meditate. This is no secret meditating has lots of benefits for you both scientifically and spiritually. So keep meditating on a regular base. As this is my first post I want to gift you a great meditating routine to reduce your brain waves faster so the meditation will be more effective.

How to meditate?:

I will write another post about how to meditate but here I will give a quick explanation.

Try to meditate the same time (if possible)

It is good to use candle and sage to create an ambiance

Let your mind do think or not to think as it wishes.

During the meditation listen to the link below for a deeper meditation and healing.

Let the rest of the year be your planting season. Eat clean, drink clean, think clean.

Let the real you shine in 2020.

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