Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmoenergy

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

How Do I Have Cosmoenergy Sessions?

You can take the sessions either face to face or remotely. After fixing an appointment you will be told each steps you need to take clearly. It takes 30-40 minutes. The usual session frequency is from 3 to 15 sessions per each treatment. First couple of weeks 2-3 sessions per week and after once per week.

Why I Should Learn Cosmoenergy?

Everyone is here to experience something. But the main reason is during this life time we have to transform our energy and our awareness. It can be with ease and joy or with the hard way. Luckily life doesn't trying to punish us or make things harder. But as you know linguistics, astrology, chemistry, engineering they all have their own language just as life has. So if you'd like to learn the language of life Cosmoenergy is the greatest method for you.

Who Can Learn Cosmoenergy?

This amazing method is welcoming everyone who thinks "I think it is good for me." When you are ready all you need to do is to contact us.

How Does Cosmoenergy Works?

It works with the channels through the Cosmoenergy Practitioner. When you have a blockage in your aura it creates changes in your physical or emotional body. Let me give you an example;

Everything is energy, in different forms. Every organ in the body connected to some emotions. So there is an energy flow from

How Long Does It Take To Heal A Problem (Physical or Other) With Cosmoenergy?

Eventhough you are focusing one problem Cosmoenergy focus on healing entire body.

Would Cosmoenergy Help Me To Find My Life Purpose?

You lost your life purpose or never be aware of it because you don't hear your inner voice. The best way to hear it is about if you are able to connect to yourself again, like you were a child. With cosmoenergy sessions you will receive a deep cleaning on mind-body-spirit triangle, which is the most effective way of re-connection to yourself.

What Kind Of Changes Does Cosmoenergy Can Create In Your Life?

Cosmoenergy help you to balance your energies. Once you balance and enhance your energy;

  • You start attracting good things into your life,

  • Emotional balance occurs,

  • It changes your awareness level,

  • It will help you to be at the right place on time.

  • Our health problems are e-mails from our energetic body. Once we be aware of it and work on ourself we will be cleaning the energetic root causes so less physical problem more comfort.

  • Your relationship with yourself, your partner and others getting better,

  • You can solve phobias or fear of an animal etc.

  • You can develop self-confidance,

  • Your creativity enhances.

  • Cosmoenergy sessions activate your inner potential

What Do I Need To Know to Take The Training?

Everything you need to know will be taught during the training. So you are welcome to join without knowing anything. Including documents and video lessons.

When I Can Start Giving Cosmoenergy Sessions To Myself And To The Others?

After the training you can start giving sessions to yourself and to your family. Giving sessions to the other is recommended after you work on yourself enough to create a strong aura.

We will be happy to answer if you have further questions about Cosmoenergy. Please Contact Us.

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