Updated: Aug 14

Before the training you need to take energy cleaning and balancing sessions to prepare your energy for the initiations.

WHAT IS COSMOENERGY HEALING? Cosmoenergy Healing is a holistic method that comes from Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Tibet, India, South and North America. This method was brought in to the modern days by Dr. Vladimir A. Petrov (1958-2007) in 1983. This method takes a person as a whole with his all substances; mind-body-spirit. And says healing has to happen on this triangle. If you don’t heal all parts (mind-body-spirit) then it could be a temporary solution. Because every definable thing is a matter, every matter is another form of energy. In the energetic level they communicate with vibration. Cosmoenergy Healing is a method that accepted by WHO (World Health Organisation) as a secondary method.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS PROGRAM? After this program you will become a Cosmoenergy Healing Practitioner. It means you can do Cosmoenergy Healing by yourself, anywhere and anytime, you can give sessions to yourself and to the others. You can balance and cleanse your chakras, aura, body. You can give sessions to yourself, loved ones and others.

WHO CAN LEARN COSMOENERGY HEALING? Anyone who would like to use this energy can join this program. All information you need will be given during the program. But please remember you need to feel this is the right thing for you!

WHAT IS RADIESTHESIA (DOWSING ROD)? Cosmoenergy Healing works on mind-body-spirit triangle. There are 42 different channels to work on a counselee. But how you will choose which channels you need to use? There are 2 obstacles that a Cosmoenergy Healing practitioner could use for that.

1-Aura Reading with Radiesthesia Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information. 2- Instincts A Healer would know what to do during a session. Because the more you practice and cleanse yourself the more you strength your connection with the divine and subconscious. They will guide you during a session.

AGENDA *6 individual Healing Sessions (before the event day) * Initiation to 4 channels: These for channels can be used in general healing process. * Information about energetic body * Information about channels * Radiesthesia & Aura Reading Technique

* Balancing energies of * Dowsing Rods to take with you * Practice (you will apply and receive a Cosmoenergy Healing session from your Cosmoenergy Healing partner in training.)

PS: As it is mentioned above there are 42 channels in first level of Cosmoenergy Healing. But a practitioner has to take first 4 channels for becoming a Cosmoenergy healer. The rest 38 channels depends on practitioner. They can take some of them, any of them or all of them and can become a Cosmoenergy Master/Magister/Zoroaster. Cosmoenergy Magister can teach the others and give trainings.

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