Cosmoenergy is a powerful healing method. It's philosophy says; healing should be on mind-body-spirit level. If you heal only one phase then it is not a complete healing. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." (Quoted from

Cosmoenergy is an ancient healing system which has recently started to known in the modern society. Cosmoenergy and it’s knowledge was told to public first in 1983, in Russia, by Dr Vladimir A. Petrov (1958-2007), who studied the cosmoenergy “channels” and taught the method to several of his students. And the journey has been started by help of one of Petrov’s first students Dr. Emil Bagirov, who formed the International Classic Cosmic Energy (Cosmoenergy)Federation (ICCF) in 2009.

Cosmoenergy works on a client through it's channels. All channels has a specific frequency to solve spesific problems and during the session channels do the work. The cosmoenergy practitioner is the mediator between the client and cosmoenergy channels. Channels have consciousness so they work on the client in the best way.

Above all cosmoenergy was known by Tibetan shaman monks for 800 years. Vladimir A. Petrov as a doctor figure out cosmoenergy while he was searching for an alternative way to cure his uncureable patients. He tried several methods until finding cosmoenergy.

"Numerous experiments showed the influence of cosmoenergetics on bacteria and viruses which could have practical application of entirely new technologies for treating contagious diseases, to stop epidemics, in farming etc. Some ten years ago there were epidemics of cholera which were stopped with the help of Cosmoenergetics." (Quoted from an interview of Vladimir Petrov, )

Cosmoenergy Gives You the Chance to Work on Subjects Like; .

  • Enlarging, cleaning and healing the aura,

  • Balancing chakras,

  • Removal of negative energies, curses, spell, black magic,

  • Emotional problems like;

  • Managing anger, jealousy, grief, guilt,

  • Finding your life purpose,

  • Strengthening immune system,

  • Sleeping problems,

  • Addictions,

  • Weight imbalances,

  • Cleaning DNA,

  • Karmic problems,

  • Reducing stress,

  • Cell renewal,

  • Energetic reasons of physical health problems,

  • Childhood traumas,

  • All type of physical problems.

But beyond all those reasons, if you believe you have a life purpose, if you need eace and peace in your life or being in the moment, cosmoenergy is a great method for you. For further information contact us.