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Ready to See Your Truth?

The inward journey of the one starts with self-notice. Welcome to the first step, a journey to a full recovery of your unworthiness wounds.

My shaman guide once said;

"You heal what you notice." So are you ready to see your own truth to heal & transmute?

If you'd like to start your process to heal your unworthiness wounds, the best way is to notice your patterns and habits. For that, you need to find an internal indicator.

This indicator should be;

  • natural,

  • always with you,

  • And easy to see.

Your patterns and habits are a creation of your limiting beliefs and thoughts. And they create the emotions, so in the next step, it turns into your behaviors which is soon become your patterns. So as this knowledge reveals itself, let's start the self-notice process with the best and most obvious indicator is our emotions.

There is a sentence I repeat over and over to my clients, students, and friends:

"Your emotions are your golden compass.They lead you to your potential"


Emotions are the best indicators to trace and notice to create a tremendous change in your life. They pass through you to lead you to your hidden part waiting for you to be healed. So, here I'll ask you 3 questions.

The first one is;

💙 What are your daily triggered emotions?

Using your emotions like a compass is wise and comforting. Because as I mentioned, it is always with you, and all you need is you :) Naming the emotions helps your amygdala understand you are not in real danger so that you can get calmer. This is our first win.

The second one is being aware of your emotions is the first step of your reconnection, in another saying healing process. So what are you feeling right now, 5 minutes ago, an hour ago, or so?

Please think about what triggered these emotions?

To identify your emotions, we will do an exercise. It's always better to write, so please grab your journal and a pen.

  1. Write down 3 emotions that have shown up recently. You have felt lonely, rejected, misunderstood, shameful, guilty, scared, angry, upset, frustrated, ...

  2. Choose the strongest emotion, the one that you'd like to release now.

  3. Write down 3 situations that have triggered this emotion recently.

Now we learned how to identify our emotions, let's proceed to the second question.

💙 What is the common point of the last 3 situations that trigger the chosen emotion?

As we identify the emotion, it's time to dig deeper. Let's think about the common point of these 3 situations besides the triggered emotion itself.

To find out, you can ask yourself, "Where does it come from?" or "Why did I feel that emotion?"

Well, for example, if anger is your triggered emotion.

In one of the situations, someone did not listen to your opinion, and you felt angry. Here is the following question to ask yourself;

"Why did I feel angry?" or "Where does it come from?"

In our example, the answer of the person is:

"Because I felt my opinions and contribution were not important to that person." SO basically, you feel you and your ideas are worthless in such a case. Well, I only share one of them, but please multiply it for your case. It's the common point of the other two situations as well. Feeling Worthless.

Now we also know the feeling that triggered your emotion. So it is time to ask our third question.

💙 What is the message of that emotion?

It's essential to get the message of the emotion correctly. In the second question, we saw that emotion has roots that come from a feeling. And now it's essential to notice; this is about you, not the situation or person that triggered the emotion. You felt angry and worthless. So to get the message, please ask yourself;

Is that judgment belong to me, or has someone said it so?

The anger gets its power from feeling unworthy and not enough. It's not related to an outer reason. So the emotion shows up to navigate you to see and recover that. You are attracted to those situations to see what you need to heal.

In our example, it's you who seek validation for your worth. You don't see yet how worthy and authentic you are, and you need someone to make you feel that way. But don't worry, with this first step, you make it almost half. Because the biggest resistance to change is mainly in the self-notice step. If you make it here, congratulations, you are officially started your own the "Be Boldly Yourself Movement."

The movement that you will notice and accept yourself as who you are, support with unconditional love, and feel your worth in your cells. I encourage you to have a journal to note your daily triggered emotions. Because emotions are always there even we see or don't see them. What is the difference or reason we notice what we feel?

Sometimes we go blind to see the emotions because it's hard to face that we are the real reason we feel that way. Staying as a victim and playing our role helps us stay in our safe zone. But as always, if we would like to grow and expand with the infinite possibilities of the universe, we need to activate our inner power. All we need is owning our power and reconnecting our worthiness, which directly passes through the rabbit hole of our emotions. This is the way of self-actualization and living up to our highest potential with ease and joy.

Here is a fantastic drumming exercise in the this podcast episode to create a safe and sacred space to get the strength for facing those emotions. You can listen to it daily for 21 days for better results.

Journaling and meditating on these 3 questions would open up a great space of "Self-notice."

So I just want to remind you of these 3 questions we asked earlier;

  1. What are your daily triggered emotions?

  2. What is the common point of the last 3 situations that trigger the chosen emotion?

  3. What is the message of that emotion?

May the JOY be with you,



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