My Story

I am a  chemist who is experienced in nuclear medicine. I started practicing healing techniques when I was a student at university. 

I studied and am practicing Usui Reiki, lithotherapy, astrology, mindfulness, Mayan Shamanism,... At the point I met to Cosmoenergy which brought a lot of great transformations into my life! 

My Approach

I try to understand spiritual science from the perspective of modern science. These intersections lead us to  new doors opening where we can be healthy; both physically and emotionally. How we create it in our lives is all about balancing the mind-body-spirit (MBS Triangle). When these three are in balance, life comes to us with ease and joy!

As we all know everything is another form of energy and we create our world by manifesting whatever we have within us. So change starts inside! 

Work With Me

Do you know about the great part to work with me on your wounds, emotional imbalances, root beliefs etc.? I create a special healing program just for you. I develop your map through coaching sessions according to your personal needs. Weekly one on one meetings and a friendly follow up will encourage you to change and the best part is that you don't need to do this transformation alone!