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Golden Chakra


Golden Key

1- How Do I Have a Cosmoenergy Session?

You can book a remote session. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive a Zoom link. Before the session, there will be an explanation about what to do during the session. The session typically lasts 30-40 minutes, with a recommended frequency ranging from 3 to 15 sessions per treatment.

2- Why Would I Learn Cosmoenergy?

Life itself is a transformative journey. In this expedition, Cosmoenergy serves as a powerful tool to connect with your higher self, navigate your life purpose, and embrace life with ease and joy. This practice aids in understanding and accepting your nature through energetic self-work.

3- Who Can Learn Cosmoenergy?

This unique method welcomes anyone thinking, "I want to help myself, and others find more happiness in life." When you are ready, all you need to do is contact us.

4- How Does Cosmoenergy Work?

Cosmoenergy operates through channels with different frequencies. These channels cleanse the nadis, chakras, aura, and the physical body. The process helps release blockages, facilitating the regeneration of your subconscious codings during the sessions.

5- How Long Does It Take To Heal a Problem (Physical or Other) With Cosmoenergy?

Everybody is unique, and so is their healing journey. General experiences show that addressing a specific issue typically takes 1-15 sessions. However, it's essential to note that you may experience recovery in more than one aspect during a session.

6- Would Cosmoenergy Help Me Find My Life Purpose?

Have you lost touch with your life purpose or never been aware of it because you don't hear your inner voice? The best way to listen is by reconnecting with your higher self, much like when you were a child. Through Cosmoenergy sessions, you'll undergo a deep cleaning of the mind-body-spirit triangle, the most effective method to rediscover yourself.

7- What Kind Of Changes Can Cosmoenergy Create In Your Life?

Cosmoenergy helps you balance your energies. Once you achieve this balance and enhance your energy:

  • You start attracting positive things into your life.

  • Emotional balance occurs.

  • It increases your awareness level.

  • It helps you be in the right place at the right time.

Your health problems are messages from your energetic body. Once you're aware of them and work on yourself, you will be addressing the root causes energetically.

  • Your relationship with yourself, your partner, and others improves.

  • You can overcome phobias or fears of animals, etc.

  • You can develop self-confidence.

  • Your creativity is enhanced.

Cosmoenergy sessions activate your inner potential.

8- What Do I Need To Know to Take The Training?

To enroll in the training, you don't need any prior knowledge.

9- When Can I Start Giving Cosmoenergy Sessions To Myself And Others?

After completing the training, you can begin offering sessions to yourself and your family. We recommend extending your practice to others after dedicating sufficient time to working on yourself, ensuring the cultivation of a strong aura. However, it's important to note that all the necessary technical knowledge is covered in the initial training itself.

Ready to experience the transformative power of Cosmoenergy?


Contact us now for more information, to schedule a session, or to enroll in our training. Your journey to a harmonious and empowered life begins here. We look forward to guiding you on your path of self-discovery and healing.

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