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Cosmoenrgy & Shamanic Drumming - Energy Cleansing Session.jpg
Cosmoenergy sessions with shamanic drumming have an impact on balancing one's mind-body-spirit. During the sessions, you open up to your hidden truth and release energetic burdens from your past and family line. 
Image by Ehud Neuhaus
Cosmoenergy is an ancient shamanic technique based on balancing the mind-body-spirit triangle. During the session, you receive Cosmoenergies accompanied by powerful shamanic drumming.
The event includes 45 minutes healing session and heartfelt sharing parts before and after the session.
We welcome you to a peaceful room with some warm tea, healthy snacks, mats, blankets, and cushions.
**Registration required.**
Option 1: Monthly Pass (85 €)
Option 2: Single Pass (25 €)

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Much Love & Light
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