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What if you'd know you have a user manual? Which tells you what; 

  • Your life purpose is

  • What are your talents about

  • What will your experiences be so that you could get prepared

  • Why you have some of your subconscious codings and how to transform them



Yes, the ancient knowledge of astrology would help you to understand your nature. You would understand why you have your vulnerabilities and how you can support yourself to have a happier life with ease and joy.

Astrology Crystals, map and candles

For more information book a free alignment session.

Profile picture of a Lady named Feriha

Feriha, Ordu

Kübra analyzed my birth chart. It was a session that a birth chart analysis changed my life and vision. Because I have forgotten to communicate with the universe, inside of my body, my emotions under my body shell, then, she helped me to find out "how to communicate with the universe, how to be happy, what my life purpose is and how can I reach there." By the way, she helped me to realize my innermost thoughts and the power of my brain. She did it so naturally, so energetic. She is my forcing power and lighthouse. I know whenever I need her; she is there and enlightens my way. She is my friend now, and I love her very much.

Profile picture of a Lady named Maria

Maria, Brussels

Maybe I should start by saying that I was highly skeptical about spiritual teachings of any kind. However, what I experienced with Kübra convinced me that there is something to it or that she truly has a gift to make you overcome blockages you might not even have been aware of and to go through life more consciously. 

The astrology consultancy with her was very enlightening: Not only did Kübra prepare very thoroughly for the consultancy session, but she also took lots of time to tell me everything she could deduce from the star constellation I was born in, explained many aspects and gave me guidance on how to work on specific fields of my existence I might have troubles with. At some points, I was just speechless because I felt she seemed to know my life better than me, understood and analyzed character traits and events in the past, present, and future, and that quite accurately. Kübra can give you hints and relief in many areas, whether it is a physical strain or a psychological burden you want to work on or attempt to get a clear and peaceful mind. It is worthwhile to take a session with her, even when you feel there is nothing that you need to change in your life and you only go out of curiosity like I did; it might broaden your horizons, and that is a priceless experience in itself - at this point, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you Kübi for being that unique person you are and all you have given me! 

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