What if you'd know you have a user manual? Which tells you what; 

  • Your life purpose is

  • What are your talents about

  • What will your experiences be so that you could get prepared

  • Why you have some of your subconscious codings



Yes, the ancient knowledge of astrology would help you to understand your nature. You would understand why you have your vulnerabilities and how you can support yourself to have a happier life with ease and joy.

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Feriha, Ordu

My close friend suggests Kübra for making a session to analyze my birth chart. It was a session that a birth chart analysis changed my life and vision. Because I have forgotten to communicate with the universe, inside of my body, my emotions under my body shell, then, she helped me to find out "how to communicate with the universe, how to be happy, what my life purpose is and how can I reach there." By the way, she helped me to realize my innermost thoughts and the power of my brain. She did it so naturally, so energetic. She is my forcing power and lighthouse. I know whenever I need her; she is there and enlightens my way. She is my friend now, and I love her very much.


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