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I am Kübra.


I'm a spiritual guide, astrologer, and artist who is on a mission to inspire & encourage women to live a life up to their potential. I'm also a scientist and share her ways of combining science and spirituality to shift one's reality with ease & joy.  


I've started the Be Boldly You Movement to support more women so they can show up unapologetically and boldly in life, love, and business. 

During a particular astrological time, I unlock one of my unique gifts to deliver you soulful messages from the higher realms. 

Receiving your soul's message helps you to unify your energies, expand your consciousness and connect your higher self to activate your highest potential. 

And the process is full of Joy & Love,


Are you ready to start this journey? Then let me guide you in a soulful way. 



The Soulful Alchemist



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My Story & My Message

I am a 

Does My Message Resonate with You?

Then here are some of magic to support your Journey

Soul Drawing

Art healing for Trauma-based emotional patterns

Soulful Talks// The Shift Your Reality Podcast

Are you ready to shift your reality?

Soul Map Reading

Navigate your life & business by mapping your soul with the wisdom of astrology

Soul-Driven Solutions for Corporate Members

Emotion Coaching for the Leaders in the Field

Cosmic Rising Tribe// Tribe La Luna

Join our free club for free and paid expansive events

Boost Your Self-worth & Self-confidence

Benefit from different types of content and tools to be yourself boldly. 

Here are some of the summits and panels I was invited to as a guest expert to spread the message.

Durin my coaching career I was guested on many podcasts and summits as an expert on reconnecting worthiness and creating a life at your highest potential

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Do you want a daily dose of emotional support? Check this out!

"Your emotions are your golden compass. They lead you to your highest potential." Kubra

Be Boldly You Cards

Art healing for Trauma-based emotional patterns


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Save Your Spot // Live Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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